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Are You looking for a Prius repair service?

From the simple bulb, trim piece, or skirting to HV batteries, engines and transmission – we can AND HAVE done it all.

Do you want affordable prices?

Our repair prices are the lowest in town. Nobody can match them. Schedule your appointment today! Don’t think twice.


We love PRIUS

We started Reprius as a response to the lack of knowledgeable and qualified Prius repair shops, poor diagnosis’, misinformation and overcharging we see in the Toyota Prius repair market.

Reliable car service & maintenance

We specialize in the repair and maintenance of three generations of Prius Hybrids.   2001-2003 four door sedan (Gen 1), 2004-2009 4 door hatchback (Gen 2) and 2010-2016 (Gen 3) 4 door hatchback, Prius C, Prius V, and Prius Plug-In Hybrid.

PRIUS owners trust our service

We strive to give the best service that everyone truly deserves.   Our goal is that every client leaves us completely satisfied with the service given.  To date, that has been accomplished.  We do not have ANY negative feedback, with 5 stars on all posted reviews on Google, Facebook and YELP.

Our prices are unbeatable

We started Reprius as a response, due not only to the lack of Prius knowledge, but to the pricing evident in the market.  We charge fair prices for our services and parts.  Our goal is to serve our clients with fair compensation for services that are needed, but most important, understand why they are need.