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We can and have touched every component of the Toyota Prius, many, MANY times over. We have stripped to nothing and rebuilt from nothing countless Prius’. This creates an intimacy with the Prius that few others have or can boast. There are companies that specialize in and will sell you batteries or components, but do they understand how they fit into the overall Prius? How they interact with the rest of the Prius? How they communicate with the rest of the Prius? QUITE OFTEN A PRIUS ERROR IS MISDIAGNOSED BECAUSE IT IS MISUNDERSTOOD HOW A COMPONENT FITS INTO THE LARGER “PRIUS PICTURE.”
Our relationship with the Toyota Prius not only allows us to completely understand the Prius but gives us a competency level with the Prius that is unmatched.


From the simple bulb, trim piece, or skirting to HV batteries, engines and transmission – we can AND HAVE done it all.

  • Engine rebuild, repair, and replacement engines
  • Transmission rebuild, repair and replacement transmissions
  • Cooling system rebuild, repair and replacement cooling systems
  • Brakes, including rotors, pads, shoes, fluid, etc.
  • High Voltage (HV) battery rebuild, repair and replacement HV batteries
  • Multifunction Display replacement (these are the main screen that displays cars functions)
  • Instrument cluster display replacement
  • Oil change
  • Transmission annual service
  • Cooling system coolant service

REPRIUS is a reliable Prius repair and maintenance service that saves you money

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